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BOS...Your Kids Buddy

British Olivia School provides sound education to boys & girls of classes Pre-Nursery to 12th. The education imparted to the children of this school is of high quality. School is a wing of BOS Educational Society. School has its own building and is well furnished ,has all necessary equipments and play grounds. To bring up the children in such a way so as to make them morally upright, intellectually well informed, socially concerned, emotionally balanced and physically developed.

We Are Acheivers

To identify gifted and talented students, schools first understand giftedness and talent. And then groom them to shine and mark there presence.

Great Results

Our school is renowned for best results. School is having outstanding 100% result in past years in 10th as well as 12th standard.

Tech Friendly

In upcoming technological envoirment, school admistration focus on all ultra modern technology for school upgradation.

Educational Trips

Education trips are being organized for student from time to time We don't make them book worms, we make them EXPLORERS

Facilities at BOS


Nothing prepares your child for success in elementary school like a strong kindergarten experience where your child expresses a new-found confidence and a joy for learning..

Smart Classes

Smart Class can revolutionise teaching and learning drastically. It provides tools and content for interactive learning system for students as well as teachers.

Co-Curricular Activities

The School provides facilities to learn life Skills and a variety of co-curricular activities such as Yoga, Karate, Dance, Art & Public speaking. Participation in Sports & Games is compulsory.

Ultra Modern Labs

Keeping in line with the principle, ‘ Learning by Doing’, BOS provides all the facilities for gaining knowledge through direct experience of carrying out tasks under careful supervision.


The sound proof auditorium hosts numerous major events,functions & Competitions. It is fitted with a projector, effective & modern light and sound system and air cooler.

Swimming Pool

Swimming is useful to children in many ways. It not only strengthens the shoulder,thigh & muscles, but allows children to breathe deeply, and sustain breath under water for long time.